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Do you think you know the Beatitudes?

Come to Messy Church THIS Thursday March 9th from 6:00-7:30 and find out! We will be playing a cooperative game to get familiar with Matthew Chapter 5. Bonus points if you

read this before coming to Messy Church! We will start with dinner at 6:00,

play a fun game and then break into our activities. You are not going to want

to miss this fellowship opportunity. We can't wait to see you there!


03/04 Nicole Sturgeon

03/06 Kennedy Addington

03/06 Sharon Ferris

03/08 Duncan Johnston

03/08 Kaye Mink

03/12 Natalie Johnson

03/13 David Swigert

03/18 Barb Chappell

03/19 Gale Britton

03/19 Wilfred Smith

03/23 Judy Clark

03/25 Owen Pettigrew

03/29 Brenda Swigert


03/02 Lynn & Phil Keller

03/05 Estella & Larry Gundler

03/10 Lisa & Derrick Zucco

03/13 Heather & Gary Collins

03/18 Kathy & Bob Shepherd

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